Friday, September 4, 2009

Mixed Inks: Diabolo Menthe and Bleu Nuit

I love the J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe, but the color is way too light and the pen feels scratchy on the paper (Rhodia 80 g/m). So I was wondering how the ink might look mixed with another J. Herbin. I love the idea of Diabolo Menthe, just the color alone and the drawing of the glass of Diabolo Menthe is so appealing (the drink sounds refreshing as well, green mint syrup mixed with lemonade). But as a pen ink that I would use constantly, I seriously can't think of writing with this color as I have a hard time seeing it.

Getting out my bottles, I found the perfect companion--Bleu Nuit, a Bastille Day gift from Karen Doherty at Exaclair. The soft, dark denim blue would look wonderful with the menthol green. All I needed were the tools: an eye dropper, a glass vial to mix in, and something to store the ink in. All were present in my kitchen, and after a good scrub and some time drying out I began to mix.

The large glass test tube actually held vanilla beans, and I kept the container just in case. I mixed an approximately 1:1 concoction of the J. Herbins, and this is the result (of the three ink colors in the left top area of this pic, the middle ink swatch is the mixed ink color I finally decided to try).

This color is much lighter than the Bleu Nuit but darker than the Diabolo Menthe and definitely a keeper, altough it still feels a a bit scratchy in a fine nib fountain pen. I'm thinking a medium nib might work much better, and will give it a try. I have a lot of ink left, and might also add more Bleu Nuit to darken the color just a bit. I do like this mixed color, and with some tinkering I think it will be a great addition to my inks.

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