Monday, September 21, 2009

3M Post-It Flag Markers and Highlighters

Taking a trip through the supplies aisle at the local Rite Aid I saw these 3M Post-It Flag+ Permanent Markers and Flag Highlighters, and immediately added them to my cart. With two pens in each pack, one is a highlighter set while the other is a permanent marker. Both have the 3M flags inside the pen, which pops out and can be refilled with more flags. This is a great idea, because often when I'm highlighting I also want to note something else. The flags make it easy to find the important points in a book, magazine, or whatever you're reading. The yellow and pink highlighter set comes with yellow and pink flags; the permanent marker set comes with white flags. They are small enough to be seen but not be obtrusive, which I like. I find the large flags hanging out of books or whatnot to be sloppy and so I don't use them.

In addition to the highlighters, the permanent markers are great for writing. The marker has a small, extra fine tip, so the line definitely isn't broad or unruly for writing. And you can use it to make notes on the flags if you want to add some information. According to the information on the package, the barrel holds more ink that first generation Post-It Flag Highlighters/Markers. And there's a non-slip comfort grip, so holding the pen doesn't get too difficult. However, these black markers definitely bleed through paper, as I discovered when making some notes in a journal. But all in all, these are really great; at $5.49 plus tax, not too expensive for everything you get.


  1. Just about to do a post on these and saw your post! Mine differ a little though, but same concept by the same company.

  2. The more reviews the merrier, I think. People focus on different things, which adds new facets to the product. OfficeSupplyGeek wrote about these some months back, and I found his review really good, but I focused on a few other things. Can't wait to see your review!