Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pilot G-2 Colored Gel Ink Pens

One of the great things about September and the new school year are all the great supplies that seem to some out of nowhere to be placed front and center in drugstores, supermarkets, 99 cent shops, and anywhere else moms may be shopping for their kids. So a few days ago when I was browsing in the pen aisle at my local Rite Aid I saw packs and packs of Pilot G-2 pens--blue, black, and a three-pack of tuquoise, purple, and pink. While I love the G-2, I'm spending my time with a cute fountain pen and am not really interested. But suddenly I felt my hand reach out and secure a pack of multi-colored 07s. And here they are.

The ink flow is amazingly smooth, and I love 2 of the 3 colors. For some reason this pink isn't flowing very well, even though I'm using a light grip. It's fighting the paper, and I'm not wild about the color. I'd rather have a stronger pink, but it might need a breaking in period working the point. Of the three, the turquoise and purple are the ones I really want to use. The pink I'll probably keep for highlighting or something. The colors don't bleed through the Doane Paper, although there's definitely a shadow but not too dark to make a difference. I like the way they feel, and plan on using them often.

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