Sunday, September 6, 2009

Muji Recycled Journal

I thought I would try something different and take a look at a new journal I'm using for some fiction writing, one that I just picked up at Muji. This journal, made with recycled lined paper, comes in a 5-pack and is a size B5--just a bit smaller than the Moleskine Cahier Extra Large Journal. The Muji journal has 30 pages, about half the amount as a Moleskine, but each 5-pack costs $3.95 plus tax, significantly less than the Cahier, which comes in a 3-pack and sells for between $15 to $17 plus tax.

The paper itself feels smooth and thick and not at all like recycled paper, which I find tends to feel a bit scratchy. But the pen doesn't resist the surface and glides right over the paper. The ink saturates well, doesn't feather, and dries quickly (I'm using a 0.38mm black gel ink and have tried it with some fountain pens as well). These are really great notebooks at an inexpensive price, and a workable alternative to the Cahier (which is on the right in this pic).

The song is one of my favorites, and this YouTube is the best version.

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