Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Intruder Among The Pens

I was looking around on my desk for something to write with (too many choices) and kept bumping into a small, white-and-black oblong-ish thing that I suddenly remembered was a pencil. Strange to find it there as I keep pencils in a different bin on my desk, but this is no regular pencil. Back in March 2009 I went to the Art Brown International Pen Fair (next one is October 2009) to take a peek at the pens. I wound up purchasing two from the Faber-Castell rep at the show, and she very generously gave me this pencil. The Fabert-Castell E-Motion twist pencil uses a 1.4mm lead, which is much thicker than most pencil leads, and the width of the line can be broad and fuzzy or slim and strong. There is an eraser inside the back cap, and the tip comes off to reveal storage space for extra leads. Pencil Talk has a great review from 2005 of the E-Motion.

I tend not to use pencils very much, as I don't like the smearing and fading. Or maybe I'm just trained not to like writing that can suddenly disappear with a few strokes of some colored rubber (or plastic, as the case may be). But I'm re-thinking that decision as I like the way this writes. The width of the line adjusts depending on the angle you use to write, so it can have a finer, sharper line or a broader, blurred line. The lead is soft, which I like but may not be to every one's taste. I also don't have to worry about sharpening the point, and because of the thickness the lead isn't supposed to break under pressure. That's attractive to me as I tend to put a death grip on whatever I'm writing with, and pencil points break easily with me. I quite like this E-Motion, although the shape is a little too futuristic for me. But I plan on adding it to the rotation and getting acquainted.

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