Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Writing Supplies--Pens

How did this happen? I was taking out my vinyl carrier from my book bag to get a pen and couldn't believe how heavy it was. Then I saw all the pens I've accumulated in the past few months. I normally can't even find a pen when I need one, now I can't make up my mind which pen to use. I seem to recall a time when I only had two or three really good pens, and a bunch of cheap freebies from trade shows, mostly ballpoints. I don't like the feel of ballpoints anymore; I've become a gel ink and fountain pen addict.

This pic doesn't even show all of my pen collection either, as my fountain pens are kept in a different vinyl bag. Let's see: several Varsity fountain pens, two Sharpie fine lines, many Muji gel inks and retractable gel inks, the Hi-Tecs, and some Pilots. Lots of color, which I find strange since I mainly stick to black ink but now want something different when I write.