Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Writing Supplies--Fountain Pens

These are the good fountain pens, which really is any pen that cost me more than $5. From left to right:

Faber-Castell Ambition black resin with a fine nib, the first fountain pen I've bought in about 20 years, purchased at the Art Brown International Pen Fair in March 2009;

Steel fine point fountain pen from Muji;

Rotring Surf in mint green with a medium nib, one of a set of four (but two have given up the ghost and one is at the office);

Pilot Cavalier with a fine nib bought from JetPens (the body is actually a shimmery warm pink);

Rotring Esprit Special Edition telescoping fountain pen with a fine nib; and,

My x750 Legislatur medium nib from xFountainPens. This last is an interesting website, and I'll review the Legislatur in a future post. I like it alot, and I'm not a fan of chunky-style fountain pens.

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