Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something to Ponder

When I was in the hospital recently for surgery, I noticed that quite a few of the attendings, residents and medical students (long white coats, medium length white coats, short white coats, respectively) used Bic 4 Color Pens to take notes and get my signature on various forms. If there is one pen I remember from childhood it's that 4 color Bic, one of the least attractive pens I've every seen. Are medical and nursing staff attracted to Bics in particular, or are these pens just more available at the hospital? Maybe it's the ballpoint, which is better for multi-page forms than gel ink? Maybe they are freebies from the various companies? Had I brought my Hi-Tec-C Coleto I'd have made a point of letting them know that the below is a better multi-pen option.

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  1. Kelly, a friend of mine who's a nurse, uses multipens. Red for deteriorating vital signs, she said. I didn't press her, but I'll guess green for improving signs, blue or black for those that're unchanged.

    You're right about the Bic multipen, PB. I disliked it, but I'm not sure why. My Dad used one occasionally, and, judging by how well I like my Leatherman multitool and Swiss Army knife, I have no objection to multipurpose tools.