Thursday, September 3, 2009

Something Different For Lunch

I do enjoy the curried chicken I've been making the past few weeks. Eating the same thing every day doesn't bother me, in fact I rather like it. And the chicken isn't always the same; sometimes I grill chicken breasts on my little indoor grill, sometimes I use canned chicken breast, which is saltier and has a very different texture. I will also add different ingredients to give it a slightly different flavor, e.g. the cayenne pepper I added to this last batch has really given some heat to the curry.

But I've also thought about trying something a little different. What about tuna, that's always a good choice. As I'm not a big fan of casseroles, I thought I'd just stick to the curry recipe with the albaccore tuna. And I decided to give in to a temptation I've had for quite some time by buying a 4lb can of tuna from Costco. I've wanted buy one of these for the longest time; they are used for industrial-sized lots of tuna salad, but I could never really bring myself to get one. What would I do with such a large can, how would I use it, why would I want it? Well, now I've gone and done it! The pics are of a regular sized can of tuna and the gigantic 4lb can. The cats will get their share, sans curry powder, and we'll all be happy. Bon Appetit!

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