Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello? Did You Hear About Pelikan Hubs Sign Up?

This came my way via P2B2 (Pocket Blonde's Partner Bill) and I thought I'd share it with whoever is still around, while I work on some new posts (Baron Fig, anyone?) and remember how this bloggy stuff goes.  Thanks to the last one out who turned off the lights, my bad. :)

Pelikan seems to be very excited about their clear green M205 and 2014 Garnet Edelstein ink, with good reason--the fountain pen is beautiful and doesn't look like a highlighter, unlike the yellow one (which I love, btw!).  The garnet ink looks...drinkable, really, kind of Elizabeth Bathory if that's not too macabre.  And a cool green notebook, free for getting together with other Pelikan fans, is my idea of a great night.

Go sign up, and for those in NYC let's try to meet up for guns and and games.