Monday, September 14, 2009

Foray Gelio Gel Ink Pens

This was an interesting find at Office Depot, a pack of Foray Gelio Gel Ink Pens. The six pen set comes with black, blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink; they have a medium 0.8mm point and a rubber grip for a firmer hold on the barrel. The pen is about the same size as a Sharpie fine point, and it feels wonderful in my hand and gliding across the paper. Just a bit of resistance at the beginning, then it writes smoothly and evenly. However, the ink cartridges come out, making me think refills are available--something I'll have to check.

I like the blue quite a bit, it's not a dark blue but it reminds me a bit of Noodler's Legal Blue. The pink is also a very nice medium shade, and I think the orange will also be a favorite. Yellow and green I'm not sure about as they are both very light, while black is a staple and of course will be used. There is no bleed through on the Rhodia paper, but there is a shadow with the darker colors so double-sided writing is probably not an option. A very elegant looking gel ink pen, and a great price of $5.99 plus tax.

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