Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another New York story

Back in April the R&S Strauss on East 14th and Avenue C closed. A New York City area chain, Strauss sold discount auto parts and accessories. The building and lot were sold for over $12 million, which amazed all of us who are from around this area. Heading east on 14th Street one afternoon, I noticed that some stores for rent had white business cards taped to them. I went to take a closer look at one store and they were all questions about the store that had been there, inviting us to submit stories about it to a web site.

So when I walked by the former Strauss building, there were the cards taped to the gates in a long white line. I stopped to take a few photos and closeups to add to my "New York, strange" labels section of this blog. To answer the question, I do about half my shopping on 14th Street or in my immediate neighborhood near 14th Street. I like to keep the money in the area and support the businesses.

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