Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Several gel pens I recently bought are orange, not a color I normally use. But I've gotten to like its brightness, and wanted to try something a bit different. So when I was browsing at Art Brown International Pen Store and saw the Diamine New Century ink in Pumpkin, I pounced. I had hoped this might be a slightly muddy orange, like a pumpkin in the field with a bit of mud on it or the dark-orange of pumpkin pie. But the color isn't diluted one bit by a darker shade, it's a bright orange attention-getter that I really like using. I'm thinking it would make a great highlighter as well, something to consider making in the future.

The Diamine NC Pumpkin dries fast, no feathering, and there is no bleed through on the Doane Paper but a definite shadow. So no double-sided writing for this ink. I'm using a Preppy fountain pen fine point eyedropper. This ink writes very smoothly on the paper, kind of makes me want to copy Moby Dick or War and Peace just to keep writing! In the pic to the left you can see two ink-stained q-tips (used to clean up the Preppy threads after filling); the one in the back has Noodler's Widowmaker on it while the one in the front is Pumpkin.

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