Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Gel Ink Pen

I have different Zebra Sarasa gel ink pens in use, but didn't see the Clip until a few days ago in a stationery store looking for something different. Once I tried it I was very taken by it, particularly with the clip design which is rounded and substantial and has a definite mechanism that pushes down to open. Not a thin rectangle of hard plastic, which I tend to break sliding a fingernail under it to pull it open. Or else idly playing with it until it breaks off, something I do too often with my pens. This clip looks like it's rugged enough for even my destructive tendencies.

What really caught my attention was the enormous choice of colors, including my all-time favorite blue black ink. The Sarasa's gel ink flows smoothly and cleanly, and the 0.5mm tip is just the width I like when writing with a non-fountain pen. These elements and the detailing on the clip (which for some reason reminds me of a school emblem) makes this an attractive pen as well as a practical one.


  1. Pen and pencil clips are kind of forgotten/ignored design elements. For wood-cased pencils, try Faultless brand clips from Thanks, Diane. Jack/Youngstown

  2. I love Sarasas too! The ink flows so smoothly, and the color selection is wonderful. Plus they're comfortable, and as you pointed out, the clips are sturdy!

  3. The Sarasa Clips are amongst my favourites, especially the blue-black in both 0.5mm & 0.7mm.
    Unfortunately I have only been able to find the green-black in the regular Sarasa but the clip has a very nice dark verdant green which will go well on St Patrick's day. Another nice colour Clip is the grey (in 0.7mm) which looks like a grey and not lead pencil.

    The tip size is indicated by the colour of the printing on the Clip:
    0.7 - yellow
    0.5 - white
    0.4 - turquoise blue

  4. The Zebra Sarasa gel ink pens are truly one of my favorite writing instruments. Thanks for posting this. I've bookmarked your blog to read more later on!