Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Reading Round the Net

OfficeSupplyGeek is running a giveaway, enter to win a Giant Paper Clip Wall Hook.

Ink Nouveau shows off the Pilot Iroshizuku inks and pens available at Goulet Pens.

The King's Pen at Nancy Olson, Ink

Check out Claire Cameron's Notebook(blog) for some amazing notebook graphics (Moleskine Volant, looks like)

I like Rotring, especially their fountain pens, so here's a very thorough review of the Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil at Dave's Mechanical Pencils.

In case you missed National Puppy Day, The Finer Things has a round up of cute canine gifts.

Pantone Chip Magnets at How About Orange, a really great DIY project.

Tom at Goldspot Pens Blog asks: an iPad 2 or a fountain pen?

Tiger Pens Blog highlights the's inkless metal pen.


  1. Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, I haven't even had time to play with the Iro inks myself yet! Arrrgh! I'm dying to!! I'll be posting more high-quality content on them in the coming weeks.

  2. Dave's Rotring review had me thinking about adding to my venerable trio of Pentel P-series mechanical pencils.

    I've seen a review of the inkless metal pen a while back. Can't remember details, but the reviewer likened it to an artist's silverpoint stylus. (I admire the salesmanship of calling it an inkless pen, but I'll admit I was starting to channel my inner smart-aleck. My inkless pens are pencils, or, at one time, chalk. Jack/Youngstown