Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Notemaker Haul

My first order from Australian retailer Notemaker just arrived, thought I'd post a pic of the journals. You can also follow them on Twitter @NoteMakerTweets.

Top right is the limited edition Raven's Wing from Field Notes; bottom left is an Archie Grand "Secret Agents I Met and Liked" blank notebook (120 pages, 4.5x6.5); and finally, top left is an MMMG ivory "Draw Your Mind" blank notbook (96 pages, 5.75x8.25).

At the bottom right is the card they sent with it, which looks very much like the cards libraries used to keep track of due dates. FYI, shipping from Oz to US is $30. But it was worth it (and I had a slight overage in the budget this month that wanted a Southern Cross trip).


  1. Recently I ordered two packs of Raven's Wing from them. Pretty fast turn around within a few days(I live in a different state in Oz).

    I'm also tempted to try the FieldNotes Balsam Fir notebooks, I'm hoping they smell like Friar's Balsam & some NoraWhyNot notebooks.

  2. They seem like a very reliable retailer with a lot of great items in their product list (the Rhodia laptop bag is on my "to lust for" list). I was thrilled to get the Raven's Wing trio as I didn't respond quickly enough to the email, and by the time I looked they were gone.

    The only problem I had was with delivery here in Manhattan, for some reason when they came to my building (mixed residential and commercial) they didn't have the front desk sign for it (which is part of the purpose of the desk man). So it took an extra day for delivery.