Thursday, March 31, 2011

Esterbrook Dollar Pen

A few weeks ago I bought an Esterbrook Dollar Pen that was in fairly decent condition even though it didn't work. The barrel, section, lever, and feed were in good shape but the nib was used to spear cheese cubes or something. It was crumpled and not repairable, so a new nib was in order. To add insult to injury, I put some gouges in the section when my re-worked pliers slipped, including a very noticeable nick at the lip of the barrel.

Over at Fountain Pen Network I met 777, who repairs Esties. He's restored the pen, including working out most of the scratch marks and gouges, and sent me these pics. I can't wait to actually see it and give it a try (before it goes on to someone else), the blue is really beautiful.


  1. Beautiful photos by restorer 777, Diane.

    I'm not the best judge, but it has a like-new appearance. Somewhere in my social imagination, this is the pen the factory superintendent would've bought for the shirt pocket in his shop floor office. Still beautiful, but less fancy-schmancy than those other pens. Besides, he'd have been anxious about one-upping the factory owners and directors.

    Will you let us know how this beaut works? Jack/Youngstown

  2. I just had my dollar pen restored as well. Got mine for a steal, and in fantastic condition. I got a new nib for mine because the one on it was less than good (a 1555). It now has a 9314-B, and writes great! Mine was green though, not the nice dark blue that yours is. I almost think I like the dark blue better. :)

  3. The pen was in excellent condition, don't know where the vendor at the flea market had hidden it but there were no scratches or marks until I tried to remove the section. 777 did a great job on it, and the 1554 is one of my favorite nibs. The dark blue is beautiful, too.

    Jack, the factory superintendent probably would have used a vest pocket pen, shorter than a regular sized one and meant for taking notes. And once I have the pen I'll show off it's writing style. :)

  4. Waistcoat and a demitasse of a pen for the brawling factory super, Diane? Er, uh, maybe, sorta theoretically, I guess, y'know . . .:):) Jack/Youngstown

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