Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zebra Lafleche Scented Ink Pens

Trying out some pens in the stationery aisle I smelled something sweet and looked around for the source, then realized it was the pen I was holding. Zebra Lafleche Sweet Scents Gel Ink Pens smell and taste sweet, and come in 6 flavors: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, lemon mousse, green tea, and chestnut.

Trying out the blueberry and chestnut on a Mnemosyne notepad, I found the ink flowed well with no skipping. The 0.7mm tip seems wider, and I liked the dark blueberry and chestnut brown colors. I don't know how long the scent and taste last, but long enough to be noticeable in my bookbag.

Finally, the pen design is quite interesting. The barrel of the pen is round, but the cap is square so it won't roll off onto the floor. I liked that a lot, and hope Zebra incorporates this design into a few more pens that aren't quite as noticeable.