Thursday, March 24, 2011

Franklin-Christoph M27 Fountain Pen

Franklin-Christoph has a great StockRoom on their website where they showcase samples, demos, and select private collection pens for sale. Not everything is ultra-expensive, and the stock does rotate quite fast, thus I find it both fun and dangerous to stop by and check out the latest offerings.

One that caught my eye is this Model 27 fountain pen with a fine nib. It's black and chrome design is understated, but the chrome cap is one of the heaviest I've ever had and makes posting noticeably top heavy. Besides that, the pen is a dream to write with as the nib just seems to love the Rhodia paper and glided without a skip or drag.

The pen can take cartridges or a converter, which comes with it. One interesting part of the pen was the blind cap, which you don't see much on modern fountain pens. This makes the M27 into a pseudo-vacuum filler, twisting the end of the converter to draw up ink. As I prefer to see my converter fill, I tend to just take the barrel off the section. But you don't have to with the M27, which makes it an even more intriguing pen.

Whether buying from the Stockroom or the regular sales area, the pen comes with a lifetime guaranty. Shipping is quite fast, and they respond quickly to emails and tweets. It's a great pen store to browse and buy, definitely take a look sometime.



  2. As far as I can tell, I haven't confused the two unless it's in the photograph. Nor have I made any changes or edits. But thanks anyway for pointing out my mistake.

  3. The mistake is here: "It's black and chrome design is understated" Doesn't detract from a good post, but thought you'd like to know for next time.

  4. Dear Ray,
    I would have thought your comment should read as follows:

    It doesn't detract from a good post, but I thought you'd like to know for the next time.

    It doesn't detract from a valid point but I thought you'd like to know for the next time.



    P.S. I'm sure if you search my site you'll find plenty of similar things :-)



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