Monday, March 28, 2011

Staples OXO Good Grips Permanent Markers

When it comes to products that make life easier, OXO is the brand to look for in the housewares and supplies aisles. The distinctive black rubber design is easy to hold and doesn't cramp the hand, and the wide array of tools and accessories are easily identifiable among the myriad brands. A few years back, when OXO was leaving their old location in NYC they held a moving sale that was standing room only (I picked up quite a few bowls and other kitchenwares).

The OXO line for Staples is as nicely designed as their housewares and garden tools, and many of their office supplies are on sale so that was an added incentive to pick up some pens. As I'm out of markers, I grabbed a set of retractable permanent markers in assorted colors to test out.

The marker is large, with an all-black design I like (the red trim is a piece of tape that can be removed). Twisting the pen pushes down the marker, which has a broad, bullet-shaped tip. The rubber barrel makes for a comfortable grip, while the matte/shiny black contrast is a nice touch. Writing is easy, but like a Sharpie there is bleed through on writing paper. It's a great looking marker that I'll enjoy using it for various projects and quick notes.


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