Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maruman Mnemosyne Project Holder

This was something I couldn't resist: a Maruman Mnemosyne Project Holder padfolio with a 188 notepad, something I've not seen anywhere but Kinokuniya (of course). They had exactly one in stock, along with one of the larger Project Holders that I decided to bypass (for now, if not for good).

The 188 is my favorite size at 5.8 by 8.3, similar to the wonderful Rhodia Bloc No. 16 notepad. The Project Holder is made of study yet very flexible black vinyl/plastic, and the outside carries the gold Mnemosyne embossed logo.

Inside it has a side pocket and also a slit for business cards or post-its or whatnot. The notepad is on the right, and fits snugly into the top slit. Other notepads will also fit into this, which is great as I'm not sure I always want a Mnemosyne gridded pad to write on.

It's sleek and elegant, a great way to carry your Mnemosyne notepad. It's a bit pricey at JetPens, which in itself interesting: usually Kinokuniya's items are higher than JetPens, as the former has a very large bricks and mortar store on 40th Street and 6th Avenue so overhead adds a lot to the cost. But this 188 Project Holder was almost $10 less at Kinokuniya than at JetPens. Not sure why that would be, but it could be a matter of a simple "oops--wrong number."

If you are thinking of purchasing a distinctive-looking padfolio, the Maruman Mnemosyne Project Holder in either size (medium or larger) is something to consider.