Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pen & Pencil Pics from Kinokuniya

The main pen section at Kinokuniya, gel and oil ink pens with the Zebra Sarasa clip pens on the left.

The mechanical pencil display, which always makes me stop and look.

Thinking about the people who work there, I hope their friends and family in Japan are safe and well.


  1. You're lucky the Sydney Kinokuniya doesn't have their pens in little plastic bags so the shop-assistants wrap the price tags on the pens in several layers of sticky tap. Usually takes 5-10 minutes to remove back at work.

    The Mechanical Pencils look to be a completely different selection from the ones here.

    A very hard shop to walk out of without buying something.

  2. Great pictures of a great store. It would be hard to walk out without buying something.

  3. Yes, it's very difficult to leave without a few pens or some paper. Or incense. Or ink. Or....

    The mechanical pencils sit on top of the counter right across the aisle from the Zebra Sarasa pens, and you can miss them if you don't continually do a 180-sweep of the perimeter. :)

  4. What are some other mechanical pencil brands here? looking to buy one for my girlfriend

  5. Look up the Pentel Kerry - the awesomest mechanical pencil IMHO.