Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uni-ball Laknock 0.7mm Bright Blue

A few weeks ago, while roaming the pen section at Kinokuniya, I saw these Uni-ball Laknocks in an assortment of bright colors and decided to try this blue one. The pictures don't really capture the sky-blue color of the pen, although the above is pretty close.

This Laknock is a 0.7mm ballpoint, and has a finer line than you would expect for that width due to the oil-based ink. No skipping, smudging, blobbing that I could see, but really it was all about the color.

So imagine my surprise when I tried to find it at JetPens, only to see that they only stock the 1.4mm black, blue, and red standard Laknock ballpoints. No bright colors in smaller widths. Tokyo Pen Shop doesn't carry the Laknock at all, though their selection of pastel Jetstream pens makes up for that. So I may have to head back to Kinokuniya and try to get a picture of that display case as well as a few more of these pens. I like the colors, and the line width the 0.7mm gives me.


  1. Hi Diane

    I would be quick in getting the pens if you like them, as Uni-Ball stopped making them last year.

    I don't know why they did as they were very popular when we had them.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know if this was brand new or on the way out. Strange, as I think Kinokuniya had them in the "new colors" section.

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