Monday, May 3, 2010

Noodler's Old Manhattan Blackest Black Ink

I'm not much on black ink, it's a standard color that (like the little black dress) goes with everything. But on a recent trip to the Fountain Pen Hospital while on jury duty I saw this Noodler's FPH exclusive and decided to try it out. I love the picture of Old Manhattan, the Pilgrims are just getting off the Mayflower. But what about the ink, is it blackest black?

I decided to try it against J. Herbin's Perle Noir to get a sense of the blackness of the ink and what other colors might show. The Noodler's ink is like a light paint, very pigmented and dark. The J. Herbin swabbed like colored water, the ink seemed thinner and watery. When the inks dried, they looked very similar however. The Noodler's does seem to have a slightly green undertone to it, while the J. Herbin seems not to have any other color shading in it. The Noodler's is an Eternal ink, guaranteed to last and not wear or fade. Definitely a very nice black, and one that is a great addition to my ink collection.


  1. Pilgrims? You mean the Dutch? ;-)

  2. Anonymous, bro', your own contributions to the community can be found where?


  3. You're right, the Dutch. For some reason they seem to be landing on a rock, which put me in mind of the Mayflower. And then again, the place was New Amsterdam rather than Manhattan. :)

  4. Well i'm terribly sorry Jack, but now I really will not disclose that information to you or anybody else. :-P

    I was merely pointing out an error and in no way whatsoever intended to offend anyone, especially not you Jack from Youngstown. It seems to me Diane understood my intention.

    My remark was partially due to the (if I might say so) very interesting book written by Russell Shorto entitled: The Island at the Center of the World, that I read recently.

    I do admit that my post could have been more elaborate. So let me correct that mistake. I very much appreciate this blog and value the reviews that Diane publishes here.

    Oh and Jack there really was no need to get all worked up about this.

    Bram (yes I am Dutch)

  5. Bram, thanks for the rec on the book. I have heard of it and read reviews but haven't gotten 'round to putting it on my Kindle list yet. I'll have to look for it. I'm actually waiting for a history of New York, which obviously I need to read very thoroughly.

    Jack, my slightly bruised ego thanks you for jumping to my defense. But I'm okay with someone calling me out. :)

  6. Eight years later. Are you still using this ink?