Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Muji Gel Ink RT (Violet)

Another Muji gel ink retractable I bought, besides the Steel Blue that I posted about last week, is this Violet ink pen. Or at least that's what I'm calling it. Muji has a retractable in a deep purple color, and then there is this one with a lighter shade plunger that would seem to be violet. But when you write with it (0.5mm, btw), the color is much different.

Next to my Hi-Tec Violet 0.5mm, the Muji Violet looks like a true purple, with a lot more blue in it than the Hi-Tec. What I also didn't realize is that the Muji RT is quite a bit smaller than a Hi-Tec, almost half an in with the plunger depressed. The Muji RT Violet is a very pretty color, definitely not as light as the polycarbon barrel color would have you believe. If you're looking for a dark, true purple then this is for you.