Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kum Pencil Sharpeners at the NSS

Walking around the National Stationery Show I spotted several booths carrying Kum pencil sharpeners. Eventually my friend C and I found the Kum booth, and had a fairly long talk with a very patient and generous rep--he gave us each a 1-hole brass sharpener and a Correc-Tri Sharpener and Eraser.

I am absolutely amazed at this small 1-hold brass sharpener--it really is sold brass and heavy. According to the literature, the sharpener is a standard wedge profile and precision-made of milled massive brass. There is a recessed grip zone so you have a firm hold while sharpening a pencil; a carbon-steel blade, and a hammered and polished surface.

According to one website, the sharpener's high-carbon steel cutting blade features Dynamic Torsion Action. DTA enables the dual task of cutting hard graphite while shaping soft wood, so the blade can be flexible or rigid as needed. In addition to all this, the steel blade is protected against rust by careful polishing, eco-friendly (of course!) ultrasonic cleaning, and by a micro-thin oil coating.

The Correc-Tri Sharpener & Eraser has a 1-hole magnesium alloy sharpener, and comes with a waste container, a translucent non-smear eraser, and a pencil hole cap. It's available in orange or blue, and the triangular shape makes it a stand-out in the pencil case.

Of course, I'm not much on pencils but I think that will change now that I have my Kum brass sharpener. But what about the Correc-Tri? Maybe a giveaway next week? Hmmmm.


  1. Congratulations, PB, on netting a KUM sharpener! As I'd suggested in a post below a few weeks ago, there is such a thing as a high-end market for wood-cased pencils and manual sharpeners. Think draftsmen and sketch artists. Yeah, they can be an acquired taste if you haven't had a background by schooling, vocation, or hobby.


  2. Yes, thanks for reminding me that you recommended the KUM sharpener. I thought it was you but didn't want to page through the posts looking for it. This brass one is exquisite, and the sales rep explained the curvature of the blade and how that makes a difference in sharpening pencils. Uhmmm, not sure if I see it but I imagine there are lots of people who do.

    Anyway, in honor of pencils I've added pencils.come the buying list. :)

  3. Nice review and well-deserved spotlight for one of the best wedge sharpeners in the market. The KUM 1-hole brass sharpener has been a staple in my daily sketching kit since for years (got a box of spare blades, so I just have to replace the worn out blades every few months or so). Its wide opening comfortably fits the wider Derwent pencils.