Friday, April 30, 2010

Early Morning at the Court House

Around 8:50 am, waiting to check in for jury duty: large coffee, bottle of Noodler's Old Manhattan Blackest Black Eternal ink exclusive to the Fountain Pen Hospital, and in the foreground my new Parker Latitude medium nib fountain pen.


  1. Looks like you are set for anything. ;o)

  2. Just tell the judge "Yes, I believe the defendant deserves a fair trial. Then we should take him out and hang him."

  3. Lol, Tom. I was on a panel being questioned and said something close to that! (Mental health hearing, fyi).

    Had we been asked to write our answers, I would have been very well prepared with my Parker and Blackest Black ink.

  4. Nice change-up. I served on three juries; I've also been sentenced for minor traffic violations. The jury side is better. A wise local magistrate told me once, "Stay away from our justice system. Even if you're in the right!" Tell me---one of my former employers went under after winning in a civil case. The cost of litigation, the emotional strain, etc., killed the company.

    I gotta wonder. If I'd used a fountain pen to take notes in the jury room, would it have suggested gravitas, fuddy-duddyness, or what?

    Thanks for the post!


  5. I was amazed at how many people did not seem to understand that in a criminal case the defendant does not have to prove anything, nor take the stand in his/her own defense. There were many fellow jurors, during voir dire, who thought that such actions meant the person was guilty. One judge, after hearing that, looked like she was going to put her head down and cry. I'm thinking that I'd just as soon waive a jury trial and go straight to the judge to hear the case.