Monday, May 24, 2010

Zebra Sarasa 0.7m Gel Ink Pen in Red

I like the Zebra Sarasa gel ink pens for their distinctive look and sharp line, as well as some of the great colors in the line. This one really caught my eye, a very distinctive, deep red that at first I thought had some brown in it. But on looking more closely, it seems to be a very deep wine color but not in the purple family at all. Burgundy is the closest I can come up with but there may be another name for this color.

The pen itself has a soft rubber grip in matching dark red, and the ink line is thick and crisp. A great writing pen, and the color really gets your attention. Match it with a Doane Paper notepad and you're set.

Update: Per Zebra Pens, the official name of this color is Mahogany. My pen just said "red/rouge" so that's good to know. There is some brown in it.