Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ecosystem's New Products at the National Stationery Show

Ecosystem was easy to find at the National Stationery Show, just read the signs as you go through the doors at the Javits Convention Center.

Or, after you registered, if you wanted to see the newest products and the top picks of 2009 at the Entrance display, there was Ecosystem front and center. Before taking this picture I posed the purple notebook in the front center as it is their newest color: Grape! To celebrate, Ecosystem reps were handing out grape bead necklaces and grape soda at their booth to announce this addition to their color line.

In addition to the great Grape color, I got to see (and take a few pics) of their newest products coming out in the Fall. First, on the right of the above pic, are their new Reporter-style notepads in four sizes (these are the green/black and blue/watermelon notepads above). They are flexible reporter notepads for taking notes, doodling, whatever, and they have a recycled cotton elastic closure at the bottom so the notebook doesn't suddenly open up. This is a great addition to the Ecosystem lineup, and with four different sizes and all the different colors you could spend hours trying to decide which one is right for you.

To the left are the new Sketchbooks (starting with the watermelon/purple combination and moving to the left with the blue and clementine). These are sketchbooks with white blank 80gsm paper; like the reporter-style, the Sketchbook also has a recycled cotton elastic closure on the side. Rhodia quality paper with a Moleskine band, I'm thinking these will be perfect for fountain pens as well as graphite. There were medium and large sketchbooks on view, so again there will be lots of colors and sizes to choose from when they hit the stores. The roll out time is the Fall, and I plan on keeping a close eye on the Ecosystem display at my Union Square Barnes and Noble (as well as their Twitter account, @ecosystemlife) for the notebook's arrival.

I think of all the booths I stopped by at the NSS, this was one of my favorites. I'm really excited by these Reporter and Sketchbook additions to the Ecosystem line, and the new great Grape notebook color.


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