Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whitelines BIG Orange Glue A4 Squared Pad

I have quite a few notepads at work for jottings, calculating, and doodling, but my favorite is my Whitelines BIG Orange Glue A4 Squared Pad. It's heft alone denotes both seriousness of purpose and eccentricity, as it seems to demand the question: you write so much you need a pad that big? Well, no. But I love Whitelines notepads (I also have an 80-sheet A4 Squared Pad and several mini-notepads I carry around) and like to see the surprised looks when people see the gray background and white lines. As for BIG Orange, it has many uses in my office only one of which is writing.

BIG Orange is 600 sheets of 8 x 12 Whitelines paper, a full ream plum 20% more and slightly larger than letter size. It's gray-and-white scheme make writing easier, as nothing really gets in the way of the words and figures. It's also a fantastic arm rest and mouse pad, rounding out the trinity of needs for my right side of the computer. When I need to go to meetings smaller pads accompany me, some Rhodia, some Whitelines, some Muji. BIG Orange is my go-to desk pad, keeping me from having to look all over for paper for a note or a doodle. With the orange glue the colors all fit into one great notepad for the paper lover.

You may not want a notepad this large, even if it's a great investment. Fortunately Whitelines A4 notepads comes in an 80-sheet alternative form.

(The above pic is my desk coming back from two weeks Christmas vacation and sorting through the detritus. I'm happy to say my colleagues in the suite we share have similar or greater clutter to deal with this week.)


  1. Wow, that is big! I tried Whitelines quite some time ago when I first heard of it. The paper quality seemed a bit uneven at that time. What's your opinion of it nowdays?

  2. The paper quality is pretty good, along the lines of Doane Paper but not in the same league as Rhodia or Clairefontaine (but then, what is, lol). I love the size of this pad, that was my main reason for getting it. With all the notes and doodles, it takes awhile for me to use up one sheet.

  3. I love the pads and pens on your desk. Mine is similar. I'm sure people think I'm strange!!

  4. I was just looking for reviews of the Big Orange and chanced upon your blog. Great review, Pocket Blonde. This is one of my very favourite notepads of all time & I can't find the grid version anywhere anymore.