Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tokyo Pen Shop Order Has Arrived

I decided to try Tokyo Pen Shop, also located in California, as they had some interesting items on their web site. Reviews to follow, but here's the order from left to right:

Uni Style Fit multi-pen and three ink cartridges (mandarin orange, green, and brown-black);

Mitsubishi PiN Watertype 0.3mm needle point pen in blue (definitely wanted to try this one)

Pilot Prismee ballpoint with oil-based ink and a 0.7mm tip (this looked really interesting)

Pentel Hybrid Technica gel ink in purple

Tombow Reporter 4 Compact multi-pen in Cheerful Yellow with green, red, blue, and black inks (not sure about the barrel color, but I'll never lose the pen)

Pentel Karen C4 multi-pen

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