Monday, January 4, 2010

Mileno Bazic Fountain Pen

Surfing eBay for interesting (and inexpensive) fountain pens let me to the Mileno Bazic fountain pen, a very basic model with a fine-to-medium steel nib (Lanty).

The Bazic takes international-sized cartridges, though it might take a converter but I haven't tried it out yet. The pen itself writes quite nicely, gliding over the Rhodia 80gsm paper with a fairly smooth ink flow. For about $4.30 total, I bought the black model (it also is available in blue and burgundy) and 12 additional ink cartridges.

The eBay seller, boom_rapids, sent this out right away and I think I got it two days after I bought it. Amazingly rapid delivery and reasonable postage charges, a nice fountain pen, and more than 10 left if I want to get another color--this was a great buy 'cause it's a fun pen that I can just grab and go and not worry about losing it at the coffee shop. (Using one of my syringes I replaced the standard black ink with Noodler's Henry Hudson blue.)


  1. Thanks for the post; especially helpful for eBay-shy folks like myself. Jack/Youngstown

  2. Thanks, too, PB, for not shunning the steel nib at a popular price. My generation-old Parker 75 writes an opulent line, plus there're the good atmospherics of using a higher-end product. Still, can't remember the last time it was in a shirt or jacket pocket. Plenty of room out there, it seems to me, for the good quality steel-nibbed FP. Jack/Youngstown

  3. Nice review! Didn't realize you'd already reviewed this great budget pen! =D Great work!