Tuesday, January 19, 2010

De Atramentis Havanna Ink

I bought the De Atramentis Havanna Ink thinking I could us it to make my brown inks warmer, and finally got around to swatching it for a review. And I put De Atramentis Caramel next to it for a comparison, thinking the latter would be darker. What a surprise! Athough this picture isn't the best of the ones I took, the entire paper is in sunlight and you can see the swatches entirely in natural light. If there is a difference between Havanna and Caramel, I can't see it. All writing is in Havanna, usng a Hero 266 fine nib. I love the color, which is a good thing as I now have two versions of it--one scented, one plain ink. If this color is of interest to you but you don't want to buy a scented ink, then Havanna is for you and it's $1.50 less than Caramel. I wonder if there are other De Atramentis duplicates, one scented, higher cost ink and one plain lower cost ink?

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  1. Yes, there are others duplicates in the De Atramentis line. Aubergine and Giacomo Puccini are identical except for the labels. It even says "Aubergine" on the Puccini label though that might just be a reference to the shade of purple.