Monday, January 18, 2010

Pentel Tradio

Lots of reviews of the Pentel Tradio, especially here and here, and of the Tradio
fountain pen. I finally ordered one from JetPens, in a sedate gray color, and am now getting around to my own few words on the subject. It's a great rollerball, glides smoothly over the (Doane) paper, and has some nice design features. The hard plastic has a matte finish that's a touch silky, while the grip sports a wavy design that allows for a firm hold and no slip. I love the clear plastic windows on the side of the cap that allow you to see the pen tip, absolutely useless for anything but adornment. That's an interesting feature, as is the way the body of the pen nips-and-tucks in to accommodate the cap when posted.

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