Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Notebook Pen Clip

I was definitely intrigued by this notebook pen clip from Charles & Marie, and so I ordered the long clip. The long clip was out of stock until a week or so ago, then I was away for the holidays and so I'm not just taking a look at my packages. Above is the long clip in the spine of a hard Piccadilly journal, with a gelpoint ink pen in the clip.

This is a great clip, although it reminds me of a long metal clip used in salons when cutting or blow drying hair. The long back end fits down the spine of your notebook. The shorter top will pull up and the pen or pencil fits in the open oval area, which holds it in place.

In this pic the clip is next to a white pencil that came in the package, which gives you a sense of the length. The clip is also available in a shorter version for smaller journals. It won't work with every notebook or journal, the spine has to have an open space for the metal back end to slip into. So it's a great idea for hard Moleksines and the like, but not too good for something like a MiquelRius soft flexible notebook. And the price is a tad high, $16 plush shipping. I'm wondering if there wasn't some way to hack a long hair clip? I may stop by my hair stylist or a beauty supply shop to get a better look at these, and start letting the ideas percolate.