Thursday, January 7, 2010

De Atramentis Caramel Scented Ink

Another of the De Atramentis scented inks I wanted to try was Caramel, which turned out to be a light golden brown and very much a color I've imagined but couldn't find. The caramel scent isn't as strong as Coffee, but there's definitely an urge for a piece of candy. And like the Coffee the scent only lasts 5 to 10 minutes. It dries reasonably quickly, and isn't as wet as some inks I've used.

This was tried out in my x750 Legislateur with a medium nib, and with the larger nib size you get a sense of how nicely this ink shades. I've compared it to the De Atramentis Coffee and the Noodler's Old Dutch Colony Sepia ink to get a better sense of the lightness of this color.


  1. Thanks, PB, for this glimpse of a less well-known ink. (I'm a frosh penman; experience pretty much restricted to Quink.) Who makes the x750? Jack/Youngstown

  2. Hi Jack, the x750 is from, a Pittsburgh retailer I found on the internet.

  3. Thanks, PB, for the tip, and your earlier review from your archives (which I'd overlooked). Jack/Youngstown