Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Neil Gaiman and Notebooks

From The New Yorker's January 25, 2020 profile of Neil Gaiman: "He wears black: black socks, blackjeans, black T-shirts, black boots, and black jackets whose pockets are loaded with small black notebooks and pots of fountain-pen ink in shades like raven." (Emphasis added)

Small black notebooks--Moleskine? And he carries around fountain pen ink in his pockets! Raven ink sounds interesting.


  1. moleskines indeed - I read an article a few days ago that outed Gaiman as a moleskine addict :)

  2. Oh, I carry around a small black Moleskine. Love sitting in coffee shops and people watch and people hear!

    This post reminded me of how much I loved fountain-pens. The only writing implement my teachers at Catholic School allowed.

    I now want to use them again!

    And ink as black as Poe's bird? Fabulous.

  3. Got ink?