Monday, April 19, 2010

J. Herbin Bleu Myosotis

Some time back, when I was making one of my first fountain pen ink purchases and didn't feel comfortable buying a bottle, I decided to buy some cartridges. The only two choices were Private Reserve and J. Herbin, and as I recognized the latter I decided to buy one of the cute round tins of cartouches.

As I also wasn't comfortable with all the colors, I decided to stick to something I know: plain, dependable blue. But which one? Fortunately there were only a few really dark blues, and I chose Bleu Mysotis--which I later learned is the blue forget-me-not flower that adorns the package and bottle.

When I was swabbing the color I thought I detected some purple in the blue, but now that I've had time to look at it I'm not sure. It's a deep blue, but I wouldn't call it warm. It seems to be a touch on the cooler side. There's some definite shading and nice saturation without any bleed through on the Rhodia dotPad. I'll have to gather up all my blues and swatch them to get a better sense of where Myosotis fits in, but right now it looks like an all-purpose, dependable blue.

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  1. Just wondering in all of your purchases if you have ever come upon a bright pink ink? I noticed one on Jetpens the other day, in their Russian series but the description says something about the tines of the nib and I was somewhat apprehensive in ordering the ink. So, if you know of another one I would appreciate your opinion. I love to use pink when I am double checking work...... :) not to mention it's my fav color. :]