Monday, April 5, 2010

Rhodia dotPads are Here!

Many thanks to Karen Doherty, Vice President of Marketing at Exaclair, Inc. for sending me this Rhodia dotPad as soon as they landed in the US. It's my favorite size, No. 16 (5.8 x 8.3), and the dotted writing pad is fast on its way to becoming my mainstay Rhodia pad. The pale violet dots give just the right amount of visual cues for straight-line writing, but aren't busy or obstructive like lines or grids (pace Doane Paper which I love but can find a tad overwhelming).

The pages are the wonderful Rhodia 80gsm white stock, with dots on each side for double-sided users. I tried my new dotPad out using my Pilot Decimo fine point fountain pen, which left a shadow on the other side of the paper but didn't bleed through. Writing using the dots as a guide is great, I like the free flow of pen on paper.

The dotPad has a new color scheme as well, it's definitely not your father's Rhodia pad. The white pine trees and white "mod" lettering give this pad a more serious look. I love orange and black (especially at Halloween), but there are times I'm in the mood for something different. The dotPad is definitely different, and a fantastic addition to the Rhodia lineup. I'm looking forward to seeing this in a larger size and can't wait for the rest of the lineup to get here.