Thursday, April 8, 2010

Uni-Ball Super Ink 0.7mm

Let's face it, unless a ballpoint or gel pen leaks ink all over my hand I tend to like writing with it. I'm not as fastidious as I am with a fountain pen (Japanese fine point preferred except with Lamy, where I like an XF point, slim style, no or very little frou-frou). So the Uni-Ball Super Ink gel ink pen is just a very nice pen that writes well. That I got it as a freebie during Uni-Ball's Twitter giveaway week(s) was icing on the cake.

The Super Ink has a thinner line than I would have expected from a 0.7mm; the rubberized barrel makes gripping the pen less stressful on the fingers. And according to the literature, the large pigment particles in the ink form an unbreakable bond with paper fibers, so this prevents check and document fraud. That alone makes it an interesting pen--there is something about the way the ink looks on the paper that is different to me, a shine that I haven't noticed in other inks. Could be the pigment particles, could be my needing new glasses. But if you get a chance to try it, do by all means.