Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink at Art Brown

Just saw that Art Brown is selling Pilot Iroshizuku ink at $28 a bottle. The Tsuyu-kusa (Day Flower Deep Blue) above looks like it's worth a trip uptown to take a look


  1. Of course they sell it long after I was able to visit them. Oh well. I've got 4 Iroshizuku inks and they are all wonderful.

  2. I use Yama-guri daily in my "notes" pen, a Lamy 2000. Great color for a fine nib. Have Ajisai on the way to fill my journaling pen (Pilot VP raden) ... and another 3 colors on my "to buy" list. How much of the Iroshizuku mystique is simply the bottle and the names?

  3. Anon, I think a lot of the mystique is the aesthetics. But once you try one you see that this is an amazingly superior ink. As much as I love J. Herbin, Iroshizuku is my main ink. The pigmentation is amazing--if you drop some Herbin/Noodlers/Diamine ink on your hand, it washes off completely. Drop an Iroshizuku ink, like Kon-Peki, on your skin and you'll be wearing it for three or four days.