Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leather Padfolio from

A few months back I purchased this chocolate suede leather padfolio at A.I. Friedman. Made by, it's exactly what I've wanted--a sturdy leather folio that will hold a notebook or pad of my choice. Right now I've got my LIHIT B-5 Twist Ring Notebook in it, but I'm checking out other bound and ring notebooks to see what works and what I like. The padfolio is supple and reminds me of a Moleskine flex notebook; the chocolate color won't look dirty, and it feels wonderful to hold and use. All in all, a very good padfolio in the higher price range (I think it was about $35 to $45), but not a major budget buster (like a Hermes or Louis Vuitton). I don't see the company listed at the National Stationery Show (got my pass and can't wait!), but it's still a month away

Unfortunately the picture of the closed padfolio didn't turn out too well, and I'm not able to take another one. But you get the idea of the color (which looks a touch green in this snap) as well as the way it handles a ring notebook.


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