Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Uni-Ball Fusion in Ruby

I had heard about the Uni-Ball Fusion rollerball, that the colored ink in the barrel turned black on the paper and that sounded like a great idea to try. So I was happy to see them at Paper Access on W. 18th street, and picked up one in Ruby. I loved the barrel color and the faintly pinkish colored ink. This would be fun, I thought.

Looks like I purchased the dud of the group, or else there is a "use by" date for the ink and mine is old and stale. Which is a shame, as I really do like this pen. The ink flows smoothly and the writing, if you can see it, is clean and clear (perhaps a little too clear in this picture, almost see-through).

If you've used the Uni-Ball Fusion and had good results, I'd like to hear about that. I did want this to work, but I think I'll skip trying any more. It's a cute fad, but I want to be able to see what I write--which may be setting the bar a tad too high for the Uni-Ball Fusion.


  1. I purchased the Uniball Fusions when they first came out a couple of years ago and I too did not like how faint the color was and therefore did not buy anymore. I saw them again later on in another store a year or so later and thought to try them again because I was hoping the ink had improved, but alas no. :( cute pen, but I'd like it to write as well.


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