Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Muji Gel Ink RT (Steel Blue)

I stopped by Muji this past weekend to look for some supplies, and saw this retractable gel ink pen. I have several Muji RTs, but it was the color of this one that caught my eye: a medium blue-gray/steel blue that looked quite inviting. There was another color I hadn't seen before as well, so I bought both and went on my way (the other will be posted later this week, as I haven't tried that one out yet).

Muji pens are fantastic and inexpensive, and there are now some interesting colors beyond the standard blue-black-green-red to choose from. This steel blue comes in0.38mm only, or at least only at the one Muji I went to on W. 19th Street. For $1.50 I am inclined to buy several with this color and some other refill colors and just swap out the steel-blue when I need to change. The point is sharp, which makes the line crisp and thin. And the steel-blue color complements the Doane Paper I used for my try out, rather than fading it out and making the writing hard to decipher (a problem I've had with some thin line pens). All in all, a definite keeper. If you are near a Muji, check this pen and color out.


  1. I haven't seen these retractables before, but absolutely agree that Muji gelpens are the fantastic, cheap and comes in a broad range of colours.

  2. Ooooh - steel blue! Looks fantastic.

  3. I suppose some would think I'm a bit nutty that I'd actually contemplate a trip to NYC just to hit some pen and paper stores. I saw NYC is the only place in the US that has Muji stores! And they don't sell them at Jet Pens. Oh well, I think this means I don't really need one. :o)

  4. Lol, Zuzu. I'm lucky to be here in the city, there isn't much I can't find. :) I'd be happy to send you a few if you ever want to try them out.

  5. very cool- love those Muji RTs, can't have enough of them. and the refill system rocks!

  6. All my Muji's are non RT. Do you see and difference between the two different styles? I just rec'd a Muji RT mechanical pencil and love it.

  7. I have used both the normal Muji gel ink pens and the RT ones and I have to say I prefer the RT pens. Even though my pens are both 0.5mm, the RT pens just seem to write better. I also find the ink is more gel-like and bolder.


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