Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Muji Fountain Pen

Besides the great gel ink pens, Muji also stocks a nice aluminum fountain pen called, approriately, the Alumi-Round Fountain Pen. The Alumi-Round is a slim fountain pen with an iridium fine point nib. The pen is a matte silver color with a honeycomb grip that doesn't irritate the finger, even though it's a bit rough. It measures about 5 1/8 inches capped; 6 1/4 inches posted; and about 5 inches open, about a standard length yet the pen seems longer and sleeker. It takes international cartridges, such as the Mont Blanc black ink cartridge I am currently using but will probably also take a converter. I haven't checked to see what kind of converter it will take, as I'm content with the cartridge system right now.

The pen writes smoothly, with just a slight resistance to the Whitelines paper I used. It's a wet nib, with lots of ink flow, but there's no feathering and the line width is quite nice although it seems just a touch broader than some of my other fine point nibs. All in all, for $15.50 this is a very good fountain pen with a sleek, contemporary design that doesn't take up a lot of space and writes quite well. I don't think you could get a better fountain pen for the price.


  1. I just found your blog last night and decided to take your advice and walk down to Muji this morning. Visited the Times Square store. Bought 2 $1.25 gel pens (using a green one to grade papers), a vinyl bag to hold my pens in for $1.50, and two notebooks - a small one for $1.25 and a larger spiral-bound for $1.75. Both have great paper (no feathering or bleed-thru with my Preppy fountain pen). Saw the fountain pen but didn't buy it, but now I have another excuse for a return visit. Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Thanks much for the compliments. Muji is dangerous, I applaud your restraint. The vinyl bags are great for pens and othe stuff. I haven't been to the Times Square store, the one on W. 19th is closer to me but I think I'll have to take a look. :)

    1. Diane, thanks for your review which I found about a week ago. (Hope you are still blogging).
      This post, and one other that sang the Muji's praises sent me off to find one on fleabay and I am not disappointed one bit. It's a cracking pen, with what I (a fine nib user) would class as a medium nib - which is no bad thing, as it writes so smoothly and lays down a nice line.
      And for once I can see shading in Lamy Blue Black!
      Just a tip...it came with one small cartridge, and a converter would add another $8 plus p&p to any purchase. I write exclusively with FP's and so need a constant ink supply, especially when I'm away from home.
      I took one look at the precision fit of the barrel screws in the aluminium body, introduced some silicone grease onto the threads and.....
      Ta Da! An eyedropper Muji that doesn't need cartridges or a converter, I just fill up the barrel and screw it together. No other seal needed.
      Thanks for your post and I hope this helps.

  3. i'm visiting new york next month and i'm curious as to other stores you might recommend...

  4. Kevin,

    Muji for the stationery and pens, as well as the really interesting Japanese lifestyle stuff (they are so good with tiny objects you never knew you needed, like small empty bottles).

    If you go to Muji on W. 19th Street, almost right next door is the back entrance to Paper Access, which faces W. 18th Street. Lots and lots of paper items.

    Kinokuniya, an amazing stationery, pen, and book store at 6th Avenue between 40th & 41st.

    Art Brown, 2 W. 45 Street. High end pens at the front, low and middle end pens at the rear. Always fun, and the Rhodia selection is awesome.

    Dave's Bargain Store, on W. 45th Street but closer to 6th Avenue, is an incredible discount store stocking lots of name brand items for pennies. Not paper or pens, but household goods, kitchen ware, bath towels, etc. They are really great, and really inexpensive.

    If you're near City Hall downtown, then Fountain Pen Hospital at 10 Warren Street is something to check out. Like Art Brown only their selection of medium-priced pens is larger.

    University Stationery on E. 12th Street and University Place is a postage-stamp of a store, but every inch is packed with paper, pens, and "stuff."

  5. wow. i might have to come a day early.....

  6. I picked up this pen at Muji in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. It's a great little pen but it has fallen out of the rotation for some reason. Might have to dig it out and ink it up again. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I just bought one. It can use the Pelikan converter. Nice pen.

  8. I bought mine in Hong Kong; I use it every day and I love it. Last night I had a nightmare where the spoilt 4 year old son of my best friend broke the pen. That's how much I like it. I stumbled upon your blog as I am looking for a place to order a spare one online. I'm unfortunately presently in Mexico. Oh well.


  9. https://kdp.amazon.com/community/profile.jspa?editMode=true&userID=1424531