Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yesterday two friends came into New York City for a visit to The Rubin Museum of Art, which focuses on art of the Himalayas. We were specifically going to see The Red Book of C.G. Jung, but of course went through most of the museum as it is quite small.

The above statue of Ganesha was in a recessed area just off the cafeteria, and you can see n the picture the statue is covered in money--coins and dollar bills (check out the rolled up bills in the God's trunk). The Elephant-Headed God Ganesha is the Lord of Success and destroyer of evils and obstacles, and he is also worshipped as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom, and wealth. A nice way to both end and start the years, with thanks to Ganesha for past success and coming good fortune.


  1. Did you and/or your friends leave $? That was an appropriate way to end/begin the year.

  2. Yes, we left offerings in different places.