Monday, August 24, 2009

Noodler's Ink Boston Brahmin Black

When writing with a fine point fountain pen, I definitely feel a strong color is necessary because of the thin line of the nib. And what could be stronger--more final, if you will--than black. Black-black, glossy black, matte black. Black with blue, black with green, black with any color scheme! I love an ink that announces its presence by being silent. Blue whispers. Red step-dances. Black is silent, letting you be the first to talk.

This particular black is a limited edition from Noodler's Ink, Boston Brahmin Black, which the company created for the 2009 New England Pen Show. Got mine from eBay, where there are quite a few left for a good price (though it is not a regular Noodler's ink bottle but a 1 oz. size). This color reminds me very much of Noodler's Legal Blue from Art Brown--it has the same sort of translucent, old quality to it that makes me think of slightly faded 75 or 100-year old documents. I'm using a Hero 266 fine nib fountain pen (which is giving some resistance to this fine Doane Paper), and I have to say I do love the way this black looks. It's not ultra dark and boring, tho' perhaps I'm being a bit harsh on the color in general. This is a definite "use more" in more than one pen. I'll definitely try this in one of my medium nibs, just to get a fuller sens of the black.

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