Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite (Non-Fountain) Pens

This Itoya rollerball came my way about 9 years ago, when a friend bought one at Kate's Paperie. I loved the copper color and slim line to it, and immediately bought one. Had I known Itoya would discontinue them I would have bought several more in different colors.

The refill is a Pelikan rollerball with a medium point. The kind salesman at Art Brown went through a few of them to try and find one that would fit. Finally he did, tho' he had to widen the front a tad to get the refill to work. This has a lovely, soft feel to it, as if the tip of the pen truly is gliding over the Rhodia notepad. No bleed through of the ink, so overall a great writing experience.

This pen is a Rotring 900, a ballpoint that's been fitted with a Visconti gel ink cartridge in turquoise, courtesy of one of the Art Brown salesclerks. Great bunch of guys, and the one who waited on me (Scot's accent) was using a ballpoint with this ink cartridge. As he was fixing this pen for me, I asked for a refill for this in the same turquoise, and love it!

This pen belonged to a friend who died in February 1996. She got it as a Christmas gift in 1995, and we all loved it! I was the lucky one who inherited her cherished pen.

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