Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Writing Supplies--Paper


A picture of my notebooks, journals, and writing pads. In the back is my Kindle DX, with a Rotring Surf fountain pen and two journals to keep notes on several books I'm reading (a Rhodia and an Apica).

So here are my Moleskines, Rhodias, Clairfontaines, a Whitelines, some Maruman colored small ring binders with notepaper from Kinokuniya, larger cardboard ring binders in black and tan from Muji USA, Doane Paper and Muji USA cream and brown blank pads, and many others. There are some at my office, but this is my main stash. Seeing, this, I can't understand why I can never find a sheet of paper to write on when I need one.

Quite a few of these were acquired at my two favorite stores, Home Goods and Cheap Charlie's. The two Moleskine-type journals on the left with the turquoise elastic band are from Home Goods, as are two black Italian leather ones to the left of the Field Notes.

Cheap Charlie's is an East Village institution. Charlie started off with a store on East 14th Street near Avenue B, and had been there 41 years selling books, paper plates, napkins, toys, journals, calendars, ceramics, glassware, and his specialty: 99 cent cards of all kinds. Around November 08 we found out the store was closing, the landlord wanted $5,000 a month rent and Charlie couldn't afford it. So we rushed in to buy out everything we could, and I got quite a few journals. There's a happy ending however. The store closed around February 09 on East 14th Street, and re-opened in March 09 on Avenue C between 10th and 11th.

Charlie (who does exist) has a lot of different journals available between $1.99 and $3.99. In addtion, I've discovered the wonderful journals, notebooks and pads at Muji USA on East 19th Street (next to Uncle Moe's Tacos), and made my first visit to Paper Access on East 18th Street to check out the Rhodias and Whitelines goods. Very dangerous area for a journal junkie.


  1. don't look....I'm stealing your notebooks! Is there something wrong with us when we covet journals and papers and pens rather than jewels?

  2. Fantastic collection! Isn't paper addictive?

  3. Wow, my first visitors! I didn't vacuum the place but welcome. Yes, inkophile, paper is so addictive. Really, we jut exchange Crane green and white special edition papers (also known as dollar bills) for other papers we like as much if not more.

    Hmmm--Judy H, I'll have to think about that one. :)

  4. I'm jealous! There is no place that truly specializes in pens, paper, and ink around here. Yes, we have Arizona Art Supply, but they just have a minumum of items suitable for the writer-not-artist like me.
    So glad I found this blog. I'm adding it to my Google Reader.

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