Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat On The Head

Back in February 2009 I was taking the M14 bus across town, heading east on 14th Street to get home. At 6th Avenue we stop to let people on and off, and I look to my left and see a man walking across the avenue with a black and white cat on top of his head. I grabbed my camera and, somehow, just as the guy came into line with me and a second before we took off, I snapped the picture and caught the scene. It was amazing. If I tried that with my boy, Bast's Gift, he'd rip my scalp off.

So when I get home I immediately email the pic to everyone with one of those "LOOKATTHISGUY!!! HE'S-GOT-A-CAT-ON-THE-HEAD!!!" subject lines more in keeping with enlargement pills and other spam. But this was truly unusual, even for Manhattan and us jaded NYC-ites. And the next day this came back to me from my friend Joe, a psychedelic version he created for me of the Cat On The Head.

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